Lambing season is upon us again, and once again the ewes have decided to have their lambs in the middle of arctic weather conditions! This has certainly created some challenges, but the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of milking season and sheep milk cheese is in sight.  

Once the milk starts flowing, the first cheese to show up will be Morrow, which had a brief but spectacular debut at the end of last summer. In addition to that and your old favorites, the summer will bring Oveja Negra, which you may remember as our 15 month aged Pecorino Romano experiment. If you tried it, you definitely remember it! 


I've also got some possibly crazy plans to try to do a spoonably soft washed rind cheese from the sheep milk if milk chemistry will allow it. Fingers crossed!

We are looking forward to another great sheep milk season, and as always, we thank all of you for enjoying what we do and making all of this possible!

-Ben Baldwin